Environmental Sustainability

Southbroom Timber Homes only uses timber sourced from sustainable forests, for the simple reason that when such forests are harvested, replanting of saplings immediately begins, and in turn, they absorb more carbon dioxide than mature trees and release much needed oxygen into the atmosphere. So do all trees.

The cycle of replanting reduces depletion of this source completely, but this practice is limited to the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified forests, and unfortunately trees are cut down at an alarming rate elsewhere. It is each and every builder's duty to source only from sustainable forests. SAWPA (the South African Wood Preservers Association) is monitoring the treatments concerning timber.

Construction companies should be serious about environmental sustainability and shoud work to improve the very real impacts of global warming, hazardous substances, etc. We need to be bold, honest and not in denial. Global warming is a reality, but how we go about it, determines our future.