About Southbroom Timber Homes

Top Quality Craftmanship! Southbroom Timber Homes was born here in Southbroom, and became known for top quality craftsmanship. We aim to be ever involved with the building, and supervised workers are efficient and thorough. My team and I are never over-confident and always aim to do even better. Our attitude paid off, and we are now known for our top quality craftsmanship.

NUTEC cladding (fibre cement), can also be used instead of timber cladding. See our gallery for examples. Fibre cement (Nutec) cladding can be painted in any colour imaginable, and is strong, durable and long lasting.

Inspired by the tranquil and natural atmosphere of a log home, we developed our own unique style and pride ourselves in our work. Log homes have become very popular, not only as vacation homes, but permanent residences for those looking for the ultimate in luxury, comfort, spaciousness and light.

Southbroom Timber Homes are involved in any given project right from the client's vision to the last nail. We use a vast variety of finishes and the client's input and preferences are taken into account every step of the way. We have built a development of 5 units in Port Edward, several in Southbroom, Munster, Glenmore, Trafalgar, Marina Beach, Pennington, Sunwich Port, etc. - from the most modern to the average family house, from high bare roof trusses to open plans, some have wooden floors and some ceramic or porcelain tiles. We have done extensive paving, and many ground containing methods, such as lock blocks or natural stone walls, and swimming pools with timber surrounds, decks and privacy screens. Whatever the need, whether contemporary or old fashioned, our finishing are of the highest quality throughout our houses.

We undertake complete contracts from your own ideas to the drawing up of plans, and the approval process by the Council.